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                                                                               -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPEL IN SOFIANLEHTO
Chapel in Helsinki

Project description: Building consists of funeral chapel, bell tower, columbarium and apartment for the housekeeper. It is situated on a green hill between hospital area and low-rise residential blocks. Main entrance next to the campanile (bell tower) is on the pedestrian axis that welcomes the visitor from the street, yet it is easily accessible also for disabled.  The sacral space at the end of axis gets indirect sunlight on the altar most of the daytime. It also opens towards the inner courtyard which is partly paved with commemorative stones, partly occupied by free nature. The two-story columbarium is on the other side of the courtyard, which is also inspired by medieval monastery gardens.

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Size: 1000 sqm (gross), 880
sqm (net)
Project phases: preliminary study
State of the project: on hold
Year of the project: 2009
Author:  Aarne Niemelš

Situation plan

South facade

North facade

East facade

Structural model

Floor plan- ground floor

Floor plan- 1st  floor       

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