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                                                                               -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NUK II
New National and University Library in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project description: New National and University Library is a building of national significance- it is both, a massive monolith and a monument that is holding the whole written culture of the Slovene nation. On one hand it is closed and protected chamber of knowledge, while on the contrary it is also opened contemporary center of studies andmeeting point. NUK II also holds archaeological site in the lowest floor together with small museum and exhibition space. Building stands in the juncture of the old town of Ljubljana with diverse building volumes and university center with massive monolithic buildings. NUK II offers peaceful study place, attractive views to the city, quick access to materials and quiet spaces for deep studies.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Size: 21.743 sqm (gross)
Project phase: competition
Year of the project: 2012
Authors: Eva Prelovšek Niemelš, Aarne Niemelš

NUK II is compact monolithic building with white stone facade and building heights that are adjusted to the neighboring buildings. Roof inclinations are diverse and are following the structure of the old town city scape. From the Castle hill the whole new block looks like the extension of the existing building structures. Massive stone facade visually connects library to the ancient roman city wall that is preserved in the neighboring block of Križanke.

Windows are designed like deep narrow slots that can offer "private" views to the city and on the other hand serve also as vertical window shading. The width of each window is 60cm and corresponds to one study place inside of the hall. They are placed around like digital pixels showing the highest density in the areas with the biggest amount of visitors. Night view of the facade shows therefore very vivid picture of different activities.

Facade- south

Facade- east

Entrances to the building are organized above ancient roman streets cardo and decumanus that had been found below the entrance floor. Both main entrances are placed 2m above the street level in order to allow enough hight for the archaeological basement. The entrance from Vegova street works like extension of the street with outdoor terraces that bridge the hight differences and allow summer cafe platforms. Entrance from Zoisova street is placed under the arcade that marks the busy street corner.

Floor plan level -2m: archaeological floor

Entrance floor (mezzanine) works like balcony above the archaeological excavations. Visitors can  watch the archaeological structures of roman streets cardo and decumanus first from above and then later also downstairs from close by, which creates a better understanding of ancient building floors. Entrance floor is high and opened towards upper and lower floors. With movable glass panels some parts of this floor can in certain hours get closed and can work as independent units- like: night reading, cafe, club.

Floor plan level +2m: mezzanine- entrance level

Floor plan level +7m: library, multi-functional hall

Floor plan level +12m: library, library offices

Floor plan level +17m: library storage

Floor plan level +21m: library storage

Floor plan level +24,7m: technical spaces

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