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                                                                               -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PARCEL POST CELJE
Low-energy post building in Celje, Slovenia

Project description: Parcel post building contains mixture of functions: post office with space for customers, spaces for logistics, sorting and packing of received post parcels, offices for the administration, bathrooms for the postmen and a storage. Building lays in area endangered by flooding. Therefore the ground has to be heightened by 0,5m at the parking area and ground floor level has to be 1m above the existing ground.
Building is planned in low- energy standard with sufficient isolation on the outer skin, high isolating windows, efficient heating system with heat pumps and solar power plant on the roof. Building is made of steel construction and metal prefabricated facade sandwich panels.

Location: Celje, Slovenia
Size: 3000 sqm (gross), 2875
sqm (net)
Project phases: Preliminary project (IDZ), Building permit project (PGD)
State of the project: on hold
Year of the project: 2010-12
Client: Ceeris, d.o.o.
Investor: Pošta Slovenije, d.d.
Authors: Eva Prelovšek Niemelš, Aarne Niemelš

Situation plan

Around the southern, eastern and northern facade of the building a long cantilevered projecting roof is designed to point out the customer's entrance and to offer protection against rain for cargo vehicles. Projecting roof is dividing the building optically into two parts: lower part made of gray vertical facade panels with vertical widows and upper part with horizontal yellow facade panels and horizontal windows. In this way building is showing the dual function to outwards- difference between logistic and technical spaces in lower floor and offices, bathrooms and other spaces for relaxing and personal hygiene of the employed people upstairs.


Floor plan- ground floor

Floor plan- 1st  floor  

Plan of the roof: solar power plant
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